Asset Management

Expanding your horizons

Raffles is a one-stop professionalism avenue that allows clients to take full advantage of the vast opportunities in investments through financial asset management in Singapore and across the globe. Our qualified asset management advisors will guide you in wealth management, identifying the best investment opportunities in Singapore and worldwide. Our investment management consultants apply quality research consistently in the construction and management of investment portfolios, using a disciplined and rigorous process designed to diversify the risks involved. We place significant importance on an ongoing dialogue with our clients.

Our Team

Our Fund managers research the world’s investment markets

Our Investment advisors and brokers service corporations and high net worth individuals

Our Corporate finance and securities advisors raise funds for clients in the financial markets

Our services include:

  • Corporate restructuring, including privatisation and schemes of arrangement
  • Fund management, including unit trusts and other collective investment schemes
  • Legal and regulatory issues concerning securities, futures and commodities
  • Tax planning for local and international investments
  • Managing portfolio to reduce risk along with estate planning
  • Advice on the appropriate entry strategy to the financial markets