From humble beginningsā€¦

Raffles Group has evolved since 1987 from a one-man bookkeeping operation to the organisation of companies in existence today offering full-scale accounting, consultancy and assurance services.

The Raffles organisation, which began as SS Manian Co., was founded by Elango in 1987. As its client base expanded, Mr Elango was joined by Ms. Urai and Mr Veerappan. Together the partners grew the company, establishing Veera & Associates in 1999 and finally Raffles Corporate Consultants Pte Ltd in 2000.

From here, the organisation grew rapidly as operations increased and Raffles was able to expand its range of services to the full suit offered today. From its humble beginnings with only three partners, the Raffles Group now employs over 45 staff. The Group has also developed valuable relationships with its associates worldwide.

The next phase of growth saw Raffles establish a physical presence across the Asia Pacific Region. Its Hong Kong office was opened in 2006 with operations in India, Malaysia and the Philippines coming on stream in 2007.

Raffles Group continues to grow based on a system of meritocracy, where the abilities of its people are recognised and rewarded.